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World of Warcraft - How to Get the Most Out of the Auction House in WoW

World of Warcraft - How to Get the Most Out of the Auction House in WoW

By Britt Malka

When I first started playing World of Warcraft, it took me a little while to glean what the auction house was all about. I learnt that I could buy things there that weren't available from any of the vendors, and also how to put up some items for sale.

Herein lay the big problem, however... not only did I put the incorrect items up for sale, I also had no idea about what price tag I should choose for the quality items. So, I originally made several mistakes in this area.

Grey, Green, Blue, White, and Purple Items
Somebody once told me about green items in WoW, and I thought he meant herbs. Well, I've learned since then, but this may not be so obvious for a beginner.

If you mouse over an item, it will show up in a frame with a great deal of information, and the name of the item will also be shown in a particular color.

These colors are a code indicating the value of the item.

Some of the most important to know about are:
* Grey - not much value. Sell these items to a vendor.

* White - can be valuable for other players. You could try to sell them in the Auction House.

* Green - uncommon items. These might also be sold in the Auction House.

* Blue - rare items. More valuable, and therefore more likely to sell in the Auction House.

* Purple - epic items. Even more valuable, and will almost certainly be sold in the Auction House, if people can afford them.

Buy-Out or Bid
When you put up an item for sale in the Auction House, you decide the lowest bid for which you wish to sell, but you can also (and you should) choose a buy-out price.

Other players will, more often than not, choose to buy your items to acquire them here and now - and not in 48 hours. So, if you don't offer that alternative, you are making it more difficult for yourself to obtain a sale.

Which Price to Take
Oh, now comes the hard part! How much do you charge for your item?

When I first started out in WoW, I wrote down the prices I tried, and noted if I was successful or not. I also checked to see if there were other similar items for sale.

Needless to say, this took a great deal of time, and certainly wasn't entertaining.

Get 'Auctioneer'
So, when I heard about the add-on Auctioneer, I was elated. This was the answer to my prayers. Finally, I had more time to play WoW, and I made more gold than ever before.

Best of all - Auctioneer is free, and the easiest way you can get it is through the Curse Client.

Some of the Things Auctioneer Will do For You
Auctioneer offers many features, but let's start out with the basic ones. Firstly, you need to scan your Auction House, and you should continue to do that on a regular basis.

After a few scans, you will get the supposed market value of an item, just by mousing over it. You can also see if Auctioneer recommends you to sell the item to a vendor, or even to get it disenchanted.

Never again will you be in doubt when you put up an item for sale. You will know straight away, which start price to use and what buy out price to set.

Of course, you can manually change this if you like, when you become a little more experienced.

And now it's time to get some free tips about how to earn gold in World of Warcraft - and have fun doing so, when you earn fast gold.

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